• Hayley

My 3 favourite products to help you stay organised!

Wham Studio Baskets

These are hands down my favourite product to keep things contained and categorised and I use them in pretty much every room of my house (and outside too!)! The range of sizes available is huge and there are different colours too. I love how minimal they are as this helps to use the available space most efficiently, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Handle spaces make them easy to pull out of a cupboard to access, so they are perfect for harder to reach spaces too.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will know that I am the organising expert for Plastic Box Shop - my favourite supplier of these products.

Cube Storage

I love the versatility of cube storage and again, use it in many rooms of my home. Great for storing all kinds of things and the look can be very easily changed with inserts and baskets. My favourite is Ikea Kallax but there are many other similar available.

To Do / Shopping List / Meal Planner

An absolute must, unless you have the memory of an elephant! I love a magnetic notepad as they are so handy to keep on the fridge so that you can jot down items for your shopping list or to your to do list as you think of it! Whether it's a simple to-do list to add to as you go or a shopping list with a meal planner, anything that helps you to plan and prepare for your household's needs will be a key tool in staying organised!

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