Organised at Home

Do you have an attic full to the brim of items calling to be sorted out?

Do you have a never ending to-do list?

Do you need to clear some space and time for you?

I can offer expert advice and practical help to organise your home and life, saving you time, and helping things to run more smoothly.  During an initial consultation, I will work with you to determine your requirements and we will agree on how I can best help.  Sessions can be in person or virtual via Facetime or Zoom.


Some of the services I offer:


  • Decluttering - helping you to streamline rooms and areas of your home

  • Organising your belongings - toys, clothing, books, paperwork

  • Carrying out research: for home projects, travel, parties, special occasions

  • Helping you to put systems in place for managing home paperwork 

  • Reviewing your personal spending and helping you to budget

  • PA tasks - gift research, making personal appointments, booking travel