Frequently Asked Questions

What measures have been put into place in respect of Covid-19?

During lockdown periods, Organised by Hayley's services have been provided virtually, with decluttering and organising assistance provided to clients via Zoom calls, and all PA work carried out remotely.  Outside of national lockdown periods, in-home decluttering and organising sessions have resumed, working with a maximum of two clients per week and with a minimum of 48 hours between clients.  Appropriate PPE is worn arrangements specific to the household made in advance, in discussion with each client.

Why should I Declutter?

I am a firm believer in the mental health benefits of decluttering.  Holding on to things we don't really need takes up valuable space and time.  Regularly decluttering and maintaining organised systems can keep this in check and help our lives to run more smoothly.  

Why should I use Organised by Hayley?

Organised by Hayley really enjoys sorting, organising and getting things into order!  I am friendly, professional and sympathetic and I will always adapt my working pace to suit you; however, I can also give you a gentle push to make decisions when needed.  When I work with clients to declutter, I understand that there are emotional attachments to possessions and there are many reasons for hanging on to items for longer than may be necessary. 


When I work with business clients, I only charge you for the hours I work on your business.  You don't pay employers contributions, sickness or holiday pay and you get the assistance as and when you need it.


I am an accredited member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO), fully insured and registered for data protection.  The service I provide is fully confidential.

What happens at a decluttering session?

We will start the session by looking at the area or room you want to declutter and talking about the results you want to achieve (we will have done some of this already in the consultation so it won't take long!).  We will agree what can be achieved in the time available and the level of your involvement and then we'll get started!  

We will go through each item on an individual basis and decide whether to keep it or dispose (donate/sell/recycle) of it.  For those items you decide to keep, once decluttered, we can look at how best to organise them in the space available.

We will always set aside time to tidy up at the end of a session so that you can continue to use the space and items as you need to.  If necessary, I can take away some of the items for donation.

Do I need to be home for a decluttering session?

In most cases, I will need you to be available to make decisions on items and ideally you will work alongside me to do this.  This is because decision making is a key element of decluttering and this will be personal to you.  If I have worked with you to declutter already and I am returning to organise or to maintain organising we have already done, then I am happy to do this without you present if you prefer.  Nothing will be thrown away without your agreement.

How long will a decluttering session last?

This really depends on the area or room we are working on and the pace you are able to work at, but 3 hours would be the minimum to make a difference and 5-6 hours would be ideal.

How should I prepare for a decluttering session?

Think about the area(s) you want to declutter and the end result that you want to achieve.  If you have any storage items already available in the home, such as plastic boxes or even shoe boxes, have those ready as they may come in useful.  You don't need to buy any additional storage at this stage unless you already know what you would like to use.  We can look at permanent storage solutions once the decluttering process is complete and we begin to organise.  I can bring some examples of storage options along with me and I can help you to source the right products if necessary.  I'll also bring supplies, such as bin bags and labels, along with me.